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South Korea

Signiel Seoul - hotel check-in

South Korea - Seoul, Signiel, Presidential Suite, View - Travel
Heavenly luxury close to heaven. Signiel Seoul is housed in South Korea's tallest - and the world's sixth tallest - building, and the hotel experience is completely in the clouds.
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Signiel seoul - hotel check-in is written by Jens Skovgaard Andersen

South Korea - Seoul, Lotte World Tower - travel

Sky-high luxury on Signiel Seoul

Sometimes you experience something that makes you lose your temper and that you just do not have enough words to describe. Such an experience is Signiel seoul.

The hotel is housed in the world's sixth tallest building, which goes by the name Lotte World Tower. The building stands in South Korea capital city Seoul, and there are stunning views from all windows in the impressive 555 meter high construction.

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Everywhere in the hotel Signiel Seoul there are views of the mountains, the city, the bridges and the cars, and everything feels distant and unreal when you enjoy the sublime treatment and the accomplished luxury that is found high above the busy streets of Seoul.

Pampering the body - spa and well-being at Signiel

The hotel has two Michelin-starred restaurants, the country's largest champagne collection with specially cooked cocktails, and a world-class swimming pool, gym and Evian Spa - which lets you completely unwind in professional gentle hands. And that is only some of what you will encounter if you then at all choose to leave your room, where everything is just luxury, delicious and easy to go to.

If you are visiting South Korea and Seoul - and you should simply do so - then it is clearly recommended that you give yourself and your potential travel companions the gift that Signiel Seoul is.

Pampering to the stomach

Breakfast is served on the 81st floor of the world-class restaurant STAY, and there is more than enough to keep the hungry away for the rest of the day. But should there still be room for more food, both STAY and the neighboring BICENA - Signiel hotel's second Michelin-starred restaurant - offer culinary art that is not much better anywhere. Not at all if you take into account the sky-high surroundings.

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Seoul - Asia's new hotspot

One may be tempted to stay in the hotel and just enjoy the effortless life from above, however Seoul is an incredibly exciting city that you also have to go out and experience up close. It is easy to get around the city from the hotel as the metro station Jamsil is practically located in the basement.

Signiel Seoul is an indescribable experience that you can not put into words and can do nothing but smile. And the smile stays on for a very long time after you have checked out and come down to earth again.

See more about traveling in South Korea here was invited by the Korea Tourism Organization. All attitudes are, as always, our own.

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