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Goa in India: The 5 best paradise beaches in the north

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Goa in India is paradise for beach lions and lionesses. Here are the best beaches in North Goa.

Goa in India: The 5 best paradise beaches in the north is an insider guide written by Marianne Nielsen. See the whole theme about Goa in India here.

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Paradise is located in Goa, India

Wonderful Goa i India is a little piece of paradise. The small Indian state stretches over 100 kilometers of beautiful coastline, which is the reason for the almost innumerable beaches you can choose from in Goa. In it southern part of Goa are my 5 own favorite beaches: Patnem Beach, Palolem Beach, Butterfly Beach, Agonda Beach and Cola Beach. You now get an introduction to the best beaches in the north.

My 5 favorite beaches in the north of Goa are: Calangute, Morjim, Ashvem, Mandrem and Querim Beach. North Goa can be divided into two categories when it comes to the beaches: the busy and popular beaches in the middle of tourism's lifeblood in the 'taluka' - or municipality - Bardez, while the quieter beaches in the north, where the dream of free hippie life flourishes merrily, is located in the Taluka Pernem.

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Calangute Beach

The absolute most touristy part of Goa can be found in the cities of Candolim, Calangute and Baga. The advantage is that you will also find everything you need here. Along the three small towns, the beach runs for about 7 kilometers, and it is not easy to see where one beach separates from the other. Personally, I prefer the part of Calangute beach that borders Candolim. A point of reference is that you drive up from the main road to the small chapel St. Anthony's Chapel and from there turn down the narrow Empire Beach Road down to the beach. On the way you pass my little favorite guesthouse, Princess Donna.

The first shack, you meet on the beach on the right hand side, is called Fisherman's Paradise, which is a beautiful beach hut with good food, sweet staff, music in the speakers and nice facilities. It is this part of the beach that you have to choose if a little happens, without it having to be completely crowded, as it is for example in the part of Calangute beach that borders Baga Beach.

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Morjim Beach

When I need a break from the more populated and busy tourist center of Calangute, I head for the northern beaches. And I prefer to do that on my little scooter. Remember driving license and also helmet if you want to escape the control of the tenacious Goan traffic police. 45 minutes drive along the Goan villages, rice fields and temples lead you to lovely Morjim Beach. On the way you cross the river Chapora over the Siolim bridge.

I always park the scooter at the S2 Beach Shack, which can be a bit of a challenge to find, but just ask the locals and they will help you along the way. S2 Beach Shack also offers great food and super service on the beach.

The beach at Morjim is amazing. Long and wide and with calm and calm water. The sand is absolutely fine and there is a wonderful breeze blowing on Morjim Beach. Here you can also spend the night in a very simple little palm hut, and just like in southern Goa you can enjoy beautiful peaceful mornings and long walks on the beach. You can even cycle along the beach; so fine is the sand. And yes, then the sunset is magical up here.

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Ashvem Beach

Adjacent to Morjim Beach is Ashvem Beach. A lovely peaceful beach surrounded by small cliffs. Here is a special 'chilled-out feeling' with delicious lounge bars and good restaurants. In particular, La Plage is worth a visit. Ashvem is for you who want a beach in North Goa for the adult audience, who appreciate aesthetics and 'delicacy' and hardly as many people. Yoga, mindfulness and 'easy living' are the concepts of Ashvem.

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Mandrem Beach - when you bring your family to Goa in India

Mandrem is ingenious for families with children. The beach is long and wide and you can often go far into the water before it gets too deep. If you are looking for a base for the day or a small palm hut and a great place to eat, Dunes Holiday Village is a wonderful place. Many Scandinavian families with children have found their way to Dunes Holiday Village, which is right down to the beach, where a small bridge leads you out to the blue wave.

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Querim Beach

Querim is the northernmost beach in Goa at the mouth of the river Tiracol. I love to drive all the way up to the north of Goa on my scooter, turn into my little favorite cafe Hotel Adarsh ​​- which has nothing to do with a hotel - in Pernem opposite the temple and get the best in the world sweet bun og chai, before the trip goes along small crooked village roads along the river. The river provides the most beautiful lush surroundings, and here is the opportunity for boat trips, where you can experience the day tenants digging sand from the river. Take the small ferry in Querim across the river and visit Tiracol Fort. At the end of the river is Querim Beach, also known as Keri Beach. This beach is serene and a popular picnic spot for the locals; a completely different experience than the more famous beaches of Goa.

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Goa is a beach paradise with many special experiences at the water's edge. Whether you head south or north, you are sure to get beach life right under your skin. Have fun with Goa in India!

About the author

Marianne Nielsen

Marianne has lived and breathed for travel for more than 20 years.
The first travels made her curious, and this curiosity opened the door to 12 years abroad as a tour guide, where she was so privileged to be allowed to live and work in such magical places as, among others, India, Kenya, Bali, Thailand, Turkey, Portugal , Spain, and Italy.
Marianne loves her job as a travel consultant and being allowed to share experiences and knowledge about countries and places she herself is passionate about. Work has expanded the travel horizon further and provided unforgettable memories in the luggage from Ecuador and the Galapagos, Chile and Easter Island, Greenland, China, South Africa and much more. A stay in Nepal as a volunteer at an orphanage is also among the fondest travel memories.



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