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Flight check-in: AirIndia to Delhi, Kathmandu and Colombo

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AirIndia has the most direct connections from Denmark to India and nearby countries. Take a luxury trip from Copenhagen and east.

Flight check-in: AirIndia to Delhi, Kathmandu and Colombo is written by Jacob Gowland Jørgensen

Copenhagen Airport travels

Butterflies at the airport

I'm on my way to the subcontinent.

First from Copenhagen to Delhi in India , and on to Kathmandu in Nepal. In three weeks, the trip will return from Colombo in Sri Lanka - all with AirIndia, which has the best and most direct connections to that part of the world.

The travel tension has taken over my stomach. Little things like airport signs and the intense atmosphere at Copenhagen Airport, CPH, fills the body with butterflies of the sweet, traveling kind.

I am on my way to ancient cultures and sunshine. And I have been looking forward to visiting these places for many years.

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Copenhagen Airport Star Alliance Lounge

Star Alliance Lounge CPH, Copenhagen Airport

I had been upgraded to business class, and since AirIndia is part of the Star Alliance, it gave access to the large and reasonably cozy lounge at the airport.

Of course I had to try the buffet now that there was food, even though I was soon to have food on the plane, but it was too tempting.

Air India travels flights - AirIndia

AirIndia: When the journey starts in the plane

For me, it makes sense to start the journey already on the plane.

If you are now going to the Indian subcontinent, you can just as well get the colors and smiles, already when you step into the plane in København, instead of flying with, for example, a Finnish or Middle Eastern company, where you only meet the culture when you have landed.

I entered a business class in Indian colors. Meditation music flowed out of the speakers, and a stewardess in a beautiful sari came with cold drinks. Gone was the intense atmosphere from the airport.

Air India - aircraft, business class, feet, screen - travel - AirIndia

Oh, to be able to stretch my legs…

I stretch my legs. Because I can. I can not quite reach the screen. Yes, business class costs money, but I calculated on the way to the airport that the kilometer price was still only a 1/6 compared to the Copenhagen metro…

It is being filled up. However, there is no one sitting next to me, so I have enough space on seat 2D.

Air India - Flights, menu - travel - AirIndia

The big choice: What should I eat at AirIndia?

The menu is delivered with a smile. It is in gold, so I immediately get high expectations. Should I choose masala chicken, mushroom chicken, tortellini or a vegetarian dish with dhal?

I decide that I'll probably be eating very nice curry snacks for the next few weeks, so I jump into the tortellini line and find a good movie on screen.

With mine noise-canceling hearing aids I am in my own world and I get to eat both through the excellent menu and two movies while everyone around me sleeps. I will find out the reason for this soon…

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India - AirIndia, air travel - air india

The direct route to India

It only takes a good seven hours before we are in Delhi. And as we fly in the evening and to the east, the night becomes short; only in quite a few hours.

The sun rises above the horizon and paints the cabin in golden colors. Breakfast is served on white tablecloth by the extremely friendly staff.

We are about to land at the modern airport in Delhi and my next flight is ready in a few hours, on a short trip to Kathmandu in Nepal.

It was a really enjoyable trip with AirIndia. Good flight to India , Nepal og Sri Lanka.

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RejsRejsRejs was invited by Visit Nepal, Himalayan Expedition og AirIndia on the trip. All positions are, as always, the editorial staff's own.

About the author

Jacob Jørgensen, editor

Jacob is a cheerful travel nerd who has traveled in almost 100 countries from Rwanda and Romania to Samoa and Samsø. Jacob is a member of De Berejstes Klub, where he has been a board member for five years, and he has extensive experience with the travel world as a lecturer, magazine editor, consultant, author and photographer. And of course most important of all: As a traveler. Jacob enjoys traveling traditionally such as car holidays to Norway, cruises in the Caribbean and city breaks in Vilnius, and more out-of-the-box trips such as solo trips to the highlands of Ethiopia, road trips to unknown national parks in Argentina and friends trips to Iran.

Jacob is a country expert in Argentina, where he has been 10 times so far. He has spent almost a year in total traveling through the many diverse provinces, from the penguin land in the south to deserts, mountains and waterfalls in the north, and has also lived in Buenos Aires for a few months. In addition, he has special travel knowledge of such diverse places as East Africa, Malta and the countries around Argentina.

In addition to traveling, Jacob is an honorable badminton player, Malbec fan and always fresh on a board game. Jacob has also had a career in the communications industry for a number of years, most recently with the title of Communication Lead in one of Denmark's largest companies, and has for a number of years also worked with the Danish and international meeting industry as a consultant, among others. for VisitDenmark and Meeting Professionals International (MPI). Jacob is currently also an external lecturer at CBS.



The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.


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The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.