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Go on a sailing holiday and enjoy havet

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Havet has a calming effect on many people, so it's no wonder that a cruise is one of the most popular forms of travel. A ride on havet offers a lot of experiences - regardless of whether you sail along the coast or go on a long voyage. On a sailing trip you can enjoy the fresh air, the sun and havets waves, while seeing new places. In addition, on a sailing trip you often have the opportunity to do something other than just lie on the beach. On a sailing trip, for example, you can visit various ports in both Denmark and abroad, which provides a unique opportunity to see the Danish country or the rest of the world. If you are considering going on a sailing holiday this year, read along here and learn more about sailing.

Where can you go on a sailing holiday?

If you would like to go on a sailing holiday, there are several options. If you do not own your own boat, you can rent a boat and sail around Denmark or other countries. When you rent a boat, you are sure that there is everything you need boat equipment. There are many different places where you can rent a boat, but this depends on your budget and wishes. Many prefer to sail around Denmark, while others look for the warm countries. Some even sail around the world in a sailboat. You can therefore sail anywhere in the world. There just needs to be an ocean to sail in.

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When is the best time to sail?

Most people prefer to sail when the sun is shining. It is also advised to sail on a light wind so that you don't get too much headwind. The sun doesn't have to be shining, however, and you can easily sail in a bit of wind. In the winter, most people have their boats on land, where they are serviced and repaired so that they are ready for a new boating season.

Can everyone sail a boat?

In order to sail, you must first of all have a special certificate. This is called a "sailing certificate" or "proficiency badge". In order to get a sailing license or certificate of proficiency, you have to complete a theoretical and practical course, where you learn everything about safety on board a boat, navigation, rules for sailing and much more. Once you have completed the course and passed the various tests, you can apply for your sailing licence. In addition, you must be aware that there are different types of boats - some boats require more experience than others. For example, it will typically be more difficult to steer a large motorboat than a smaller dinghy.

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